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December 22, 2020

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The Support Staff, in partnership with Administration, coordinated a “Winter Giving Tree” for Bullard families.  We were able to offer 6 families the opportunity to receive needed items this winter.  In order to identify families, we posted a google form on all of the School Counselors classrooms, asking the students to nominate their families.   The below message was shared with the students:

“We believe that everyone should experience joy this time of year. To fulfill the wish of a child, adult, or senior in need may not seem like much, but for someone who may not receive a gift, it’s everything. Bullard-Havens is a community that cares and is looking to fulfill some wishes. Please share with us the reasons why you want to nominate your family”.

After we received the nominations we choose the families and created the “Winter Giving Tree” which was located in the Main Office with tags of items that were needed hanging from it.  Families were kept anonymous.  Staff chose tags off the tree and purchased the items on the tag (many included other items for their “person” as well).  We collected all items, wrapped them and are delivering to the families today and tomorrow!  Our families receiving the presents (3 of the 6 families are even receiving pre-lit artificial trees and all the trimmings) are overjoyed and so appreciative. One Mom said, “I wasn’t getting a tree this year because we didn’t have anything to put under it”.  One of the students we chose said, “My mom was going to make a tree out of paper and hang it on the wall” when we asked her if they needed a tree.

Bullard-Havens is a family, and our family continues to show their compassion, generosity and love for our kids!  Our staff was extremely generous this season, we are already talking about how we can expand the “Winter Giving Tree” for next year!  Think blue bus, decorated in lights, delivering presents to an expanded number of families!!!

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