Amiot, Roxanne
Department Head, Automotive Technology
(203) 579-6333 x6593
Diaz-Santana, Jonathan
Instructor, Automotive Technology
(203) 579-6333 x6592
Banks, Justin
Instructor, Automotive Technology
(203) 579-6333 x6623

Students in the Automotive Technology program are given instruction in safety, tools and equipment, engine repair, electrical and electronic systems, brakes, steering and suspension, engine performance, air conditioning, and drive line service.

Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program. To learn more about  Connecticut Technical Education and Career System’s Automotive Technology course breakdown by grade, please visit our district website.

“The reason I chose automotive as my shop and career is because I just enjoy the hands-on work. I’ve learned a ton like how a car works and runs, all the different parts to it and their meaning. This shop also gave me a job, an opportunity to work in the field to pursue it.”

Omar Rivera, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech

“The auto shop has pushed me to be more social with others and taught me how to work better with partners.”

Kristin Edwards, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech

“Why I liked auto was the discipline and teamwork that was brought into the auto shop. We really felt like a family.”

Raphael Brioso, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech

“The automotive shop has taught me the skills of being an automotive technician and an idea of how an automotive shop is run. From the automotive shop I’ve learned basic tools, electrical systems, steering and suspension and brake systems. I got a job at Napa Auto Parts recommended by Mrs. Amiot and I’m now making $15 an hour while helping other automotive shops with parts and tools for their businesses.”

Nathaniel Rojas, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech

“The automotive shop, Mrs. Amiot and Mr. Samson, is something I appreciate so much. It has helped learn so many new things about the automotive industry”

Christopher Cordero, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech

“The automotive shop at Bullard Havens Technical School has taught me useful lessons on auto safety inspections, brake repairs and maintenance auto repair. These skills will help me to take care of my own car and work on customers cars in the future.”

Daniel Amaral, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech

“Why I like my Auto shop? It taught me many things and skills that I can use in the future and now. I’ve used many fundamentals from shop out of school in the past few months. Auto has definitely benefited me and I will continue to learn more as an advantage to my future.”

Neshmarie Arroyo, Automotive Student, Bullard-Havens Tech