Bullard-Havens Technical High School offers students a complete academic program leading to a high school diploma. Click on each academic area to learn more about the courses offered to high school level students.

Blended Learning
At CTECS, each student is provided with a digital device upon acceptance as part of our one-to-one initiative for student success.

We are also striving to provide multiple e-learning opportunities for students to apply technology skills across all subject areas.

Bullard-Havens Tech defines STEM as an education pathway of excellence for all of its students in every technology. The acronym (STEM) relates to a mindset; a “best teaching practice” incorporating problem solving, project-based learning and critical thinking.

It is not intended to be a specific course, curriculum or add-on, but what is achieved on a daily basis. All students will receive a relevant integrated education, which connects science, technology, engineering and math to every area of learning as it pertains to every curriculum in each career cluster.