The safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors is top priority and is the shared responsibility of every administrator, staff member, student, and visitor in the district. Bullard Havens Technical High School has made great efforts to create the #1 safest school environment in Bridgeport for our students to learn in and for our teachers to teach in.

Access Control

We limit access to our Campus and buildings by locking all doors and perimeter access gates as well as requiring all visitors to check in at the main lobby where they must present a form of identification to receive a visitor pass.

Camera Monitoring

We have also installed surveillance cameras throughout the school and parking lots and on each of the school buses.

Building and Grounds Patrol Officers

In addition, we have several Building and Grounds Patrol Officers (BGPO’s) who check students/visitors into the building as well as patrol the Bullard Havens campus. Our BGPO’s also operate the main vehicle and pedestrian gate accessing the Bullard Havens Campus.

State Troopers

Bullard Havens Technical High School has two (2) State Troopers (School Resource Officers/SRO’s) who are assigned to the school as their regular duty assignment.

  • When there are students on the campus, there will always be two (2) State Troopers present contributing to a safe school environment.
  • Both State Troopers work out of their SRO office located inside the school.
  • These Troopers also help to educate our staff and students on topics such as drugs, alcohol and/or student safety as well as many others.
  • The Troopers have various responsibilities, and may be involved in issues related to intruders on school property, illegal substances brought into school, medical emergencies, presentations to the students in their classrooms on numerous topics, and help in the planning and execution phases of emergency drills.
  • The Troopers are on hand to help maintain safety in the buildings, as they are the first responders to any emergencies and also act as a liaison between the Bridgeport Police/Fire Department’s and the administration.

School Safety with Enhanced Drills

The goal of the Bullard Havens is to make the drills we perform even more effective through up to date best practices and preparation. When drills are carefully planned, thoughtfully and thoroughly executed, the school community is more likely to be better prepared.

Our drills are always designed with sensitivity in mind and there is no intention of a shock value type drill. We want to prepare our students and staff with best practices in case a crisis does occur. We are required by law to perform eight (8) fire drills and four (4) lock down drills. We will always perform our drills with diligence and with intent to prepare our students and staff.

Safety training occurs for staff and students throughout the school year. Our school’s emergency operations plans are modified as needed in order to improve procedures. Within Bullard Havens, training drills are conducted on a monthly basis that include one the following:

  • Fire
  • Walk-Off (Evacuation from School Grounds)
  • Lockout
  • Lockdown (Active Shooter)
  • Shelter in Place.

All drills are conducted with a preventative focus to be prepared for such emergencies.