DeRosa, Christopher
Department Head, Criminal Justice and Protective Services
(203) 579-6333 x6611
Rak, Thomas
Instructor, Criminal Justice and Protective Services
(203) 579-6333 x6600

Criminal Justice is a field that will enable students to develop an understanding of the techniques and principals that help improve safety and security of lives and communities. Throughout this program, students can earn certifications that will prepare them for a number of jobs in the trade. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to obtain an entry-level positions in such fields as (but not limited to) police, fire, EMS, dispatch, corrections, and the armed forces. Many of these certifications are required for promotional opportunities within the trade and many are eligible for college credit should the students pursue further education. In their junior year, students will be eligible to test for State emergency medicine licensure.  Students will also learn leadership skills as they operate an emergency operation center and provide support to federal resources deployed around the Country in times of disaster.

According to recent data, this is the fourth fastest growing trade and these students will be at the forefront. Individuals involved in the Criminal Justice and Protective Services Fields aid in enhancing the lives of everyone by solving problems and ensuring the safety of the community. The demand for individuals trained in the career pathways within the Criminal Justice and Protective Services will continue to be strong.

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